What makes Wings Aerospace Academy different?

WAA focuses on preparing students for experiences and careers in Aerospace by providing hands-on training, mentoring experiences centered around aviation and space.

Is there tuition?


Who is in charge of the WAA program?

Wings is in partnership with Elevate Academy to provide the academic framework for the school. The Wings experiential program is lead by the Director of Education for Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum.

What is the difference between online classes and homeschooling?

Online classes utilize an experienced teacher who is in charge of each student’s learning, amplified and enhanced by technology. Homeschooling places sole responsibility for learning on the student’s parent.

How long are the days?


Is there a dress code?

WAA students are required to wear closed toed shoes and long pants.

Is there a lunch program?

Students will be required to bring a sack lunch, snacks, and a water bottle.

Will there be a bus?

There are no buses, at least at this point. WAA leadership will review this policy as required.

Is there a sibling policy?

There will be a sibling policy.

When is the first day of class?

August 23, but you can continue to enroll until September 30th.

When is the last day of class?

May 11th.

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