Leadership and Character Education

In conjunction with the U.S. Air Force Academy, WAA will administer proven character and leadership programs.

Dual Track Options

Students will have opportunities to pursue dual track outcomes from university engineering degrees as well as aerospace technician careers

Active Mentor Relationships

Students will be supported and encouraged by active mentors who can help guide them in personal, educational and career development.

Why Wings Aerospace Academy?

Did you know that Colorado is the second largest employer for the aerospace industry in the nation? However, these highly skilled jobs are not being filled by Coloradans. Our education system is leaving a generation behind by not inspiring and encouraging our students to pursue these opportunities at a young age.

It’s time for Colorado to grow our own future employees in aerospace. Wings Aerospace Academy is focused on building our nation’s future engineers, astronauts, pilots, rocket scientists, mechanics and more.

Where Learning Means Getting Your Hands Dirty

Wings Aerospace Academy (WAA) offers a “blended learning” format, bringing together the best of two worlds—experiential education with on-line learning via core courses provided by a certified, multi-district charter school, the Elevate Academy; and the best of hands-on, aerospace-based STEM curricula provided by Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum in our aerospace settings.


Contact our Headmaster for an in-depth overview.

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